For nearly two decades, SKAA has worked with some of the most reputed international legal and consultant offices in India and world-wide. SKAA also has in-place ongoing affiliations with law offices across India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Calcutta, who add capacity and vitality to SKAA's activities.

United AdvocatesMiddle East Partners

Composed of highly skilled and trained lawyers qualified to practice in diverse jurisdictions, United Advocates is one of the fastest growing law firms in the UAE.

With specialist teams, United Advocates operates through its own offices, and those of its associates, located in the UAE, Egypt, UK, Spain, Romania, China, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia and Singapore.

Octagona Srl European Partners

Octagona Srl specializes in providing international business services. With a global footprint, Octagona is present in locations such as Italy, India, Vietnam, Brazil, and the United States. An industry leader in India, Octagona assists global companies in strengthening their internationalization process. SKAA and Octagona together assist in providing integrated business, legal and dispute resolution solutions to an elite global clientele.