Advocacy does not mean endless hearings.

With decades of multi-jurisdictional experience, constituted by a team of effective advocates, SKAA delivers high-quality oral and written advocacy in contentious cases. SKAA's dispute resolution practice focuses on international commercial arbitration, investment treaty arbitration, domestic arbitration and commercial litigation before courts and tribunals in India. SKAA also remains available to accept diverse pro-bono mandates.

International Commercial and Treaty Arbitration
Domestic Arbitration
Commercial Litigation
  • Representing a premier UAE bank in execution proceedings before courts in India for enforcement of a judgment passed by the Dubai Court of First Instance under the Indian regime for enforcement of foreign decrees.
  • Representing a leading international music streaming services provider in multiple intellectual property claims before courts and authorities in India.
  • Representing one of India's largest textile corporations in multiple claims arising inter alia under franchise agreements, supplier agreements, etc. before judicial forums across India.
  • Representing an English merchant bank in insolvency proceedings arising out of guarantee obligations executed by Indian Corporations to secure a finance facility extended to a UAE based corporation.
  • Represented a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Italian corporation in a writ proceedings against the arbitrary imposition of levies by the government department in-charge of labour welfare.
  • Represented the largest associations of tourist transporters in writ proceedings before various Indian High Courts seeking waiver of statutory levies on account of restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Representing minority shareholders in proceedings to prevent oppression and mismanagement in a premier handicraft export house before the statutory tribunal mandated to deal with company law matters.